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                                           Complete Product List

    Artillery Shells

CE-100 single shot pre-loaded tube

Red Box-6 shell kit

Supreme Festival Balls-6 shell kit

Wild Dragon- 6 shell kit

American Chief-12 shell kit

Big Bullet-12 shell kit

Super Magnum with Tail- 12 shell kit

Target Engaged- 12 shell kit

Golden Ones- 12 mine to break shells

Double Bomb-12 shells all double breaks

American Avengers- 36 shell kit

Big and Boom- 48 shell kit

60 gram Artillery Kits

Smoke n Mirrors-6 shell kit

Destroyer- 6 shell kit

Firearm-12 shell kit

Black Panther-12 shell kit

Thunderbolt-12 shell kit

Shooter-18 shell kit

Power of Thor-24 shell kit

Excalibur- 24 shell kit 

Lord of Darkness- 24 shell kit

Quest- 24 shell kit

Power Shells- 24 shell kit

Chaos- 24 shell kit

Gone Ballistic- 24 shell kit   12 double and 12 triple break shells

Primo Shells- 24 shell kit

Toadily Smokin 5" Pounders- 24 shell kit

AR-15- 30 shell kit 

All kits include firing tubes

     500 gram Cakes 

Firefly-16 shots

Demo Special #1-22 shots

Thirsty Thursday-33 shots

Major Riot-16 shots

Abnormal Normal-12 shots

Classic Cool#11-30 shots

Folds of Honor-30 shots

Midnight Sunburn-12 shots

One Bad Mother-16 shots

One Bad Mother in Law-16 shots

Hydrogen Bomb-36 shots

Pigskin-9 shots

Hit The Road Jack-49 shots

High Falutin-49 shots

Smackdown-28 shots

Free Falling-28 shots

Instant Classic-25 shots

All Night Long-16 shots

Screaming Eagle-9 shots

Sucker Punch-9 shots

Folds of Honor-30 shots

Folds of Honor-16 shots

Too Dam Good-25 shots

Guns Up-7 shots

 Loud and Legal-30 shots

Louisiana Yard Dog-16 shots

Chopper-12 shots

United We Stand-30 shots

Atomic Fireball-51 shots

America's Celebration-12 shots

Current Events-30 shots 

Patriotism-16 shots

Gunslinger-25 shots

Da Big Box of Bombs-36 shots

Giga Gorgeous-37 shots

Legion of Boom-7 shots

All That Glitters is Pink-7 shots

Unleash the Power-16 shot

Courtesy of the Red,White and Blue-9 shots

Khaotic Kaboom-9 shot finale rack

Crazy Creatures-36 shots

Saturday Night Special-36 shots

Gorilla Warfare-30 shots

Blond Joke-36 shots

Kick Start-12 shots

Baby Boomers-16 shots

Gator on Wheels-16 shots

Wild Time-24 shots

Future Warrior-9 shots

Atom Bomb-36 shots

Bite Your Tushy-24 shots

American Riders-53 shots

Bullet Blaster-12 shots

Flippin the Bird-45 shots

Over the Rainbow-9 shots

Wrecking Ball-49 shots

Super 500 gram cakes

Tornado Strike-9 shot

Honor-9 shot

Making Thunder- 9 shot finale rack

One Bad Mother -9 shot

9MM-105 shots

Whacky Tabacky- 9 shot finale rack

Trucking Home- 119 shots

Big Unit- 9 Shot finale rack 

Black Dynamite-150 shots

Unfair Advantage-182 shots

Rowdy Ride-185 shots

Out With A Bang-295 shots

Sound and Light Show-213 shots

Megawatt-295 shots


     Mid Sized Cakes

Coconut Tree-16 shots

City Crasher-25 shots

Buck Fever-25 shots

Super Crackling Rainbow-25 shots

Crashing Rainbow-25 shots

Pryo Alert-25 shots

Festival Ball-19 shots

Lighter Up-16 shots

Cash In-12 shots

Time Bomb-16 shots

Color Pearl-96 shots

Happy-36 shots

Motor Mouth-96 shots

Joy Ride-16 shots

Coconut Grove Song-19 shots

Lightning Strike-12 shots

Mighty Cobra-19 shots

Mighty Cobra With Bite-19 shots

Honey Badger-7 shots

Boneyard-7 shots

Red,White and Blue Salute-24 shot


USA-16 shots

Hungry-25 shots

Back Off-16 shots

Dawg Tired-16 shots

Happy Clown Bomb-16 shots

Lion Soul-16 shots

Color Fish-16 shots

Death Rattle-25 shots

Play Loud-12 shots

Saturn Sabotage-10 shots

Plum Crazy-19 shots

Were Wolf-16 shots

Live Wire-13 shots

Majestic Assortment-16 shots

6 Assorted-16 shots

Two Faced-25 shots

Jaw Breaker-16 shots

Infamy-12 shots

Bling Bling-36 shots

Magnificent Festival-25 shots

Matrix Pryo-16 shots


    Saturn missiles 

750-shot- 500 gram

300-shot silver

300-shot crackling


200-shot crackling 



1000-shot 500 gram



Kids Delight- safe and sane

Girls Backpack- safe and sane

4th of July Backpack- safe and sane

Kids Buckets- safe and sane

Loaded for Fun

Revolution- safe and sane

One For the Money 

Two For The Show

Stars and Stripes

Real America

Great Night Extravaganza


Hometown Hero

Whole Lotta Firepower 

Laying Down the Law

Big Kahuna



Amazing-500 gram

Pure Fantasy

Sweet and Sassy

Spring Festival

Flippin Fire

Fool's Gold

Forget Me Not

4 Assorted

Jumping Jelly Beans



      Roman Candles

10 Ball Premium w/tail

Cutting Edge 5 Assorted

Pyramid of Power 

Legend 4 Assorted 

Balls of Fire-210 shots

Cyber Candle-140 shots

Extreme Candle

Bubble Blaster



Airborne Troopers - with army man

Double Day Time

Mammoth Parachutes

Captain America-30 shot colored smoke and parachute cake

Scene of the Crime-19 shot colored smoke and parachute cake



Champagne party poppers

Sky lanterns assorted colors

Sky Lanterns Smiley Face

Clay Smoke balls colored

Mammoth Smoke

Colored Smoke Grenades 

4 assorted color smoke

5 Minute Smoke Cannister

#10 color wire sparkler

#10 gold wire sparkler

#20 wedding sparkler

#20 gold sparkler

#14 morning Glories

36" Morning Glories

Cracker Barrel

Speed Balls


Flying Diamonds

Magic Crystal

Small Bee

Night Spy disco spinner

Jumping Jacks

Ground Lightning


Ground Bloom Flowers 

Crackling Ground Blooms

Ground Bloom Flowers with report

Small Tanks with report

Snappers (pop-its)

Large Strobe

Amazing Strobe-long lasting

Black Snakes

Assorted Colored Snakes

Poopy Puppy

Large Snappers

Booby Traps

Whistling Pete

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Majestic Fireworks feature a large selection, low prices and quality products

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Popular fountains for New Years are

Krakatoa, Pure Fantasy, Gingerbread Man, Ferris Fling,

Spring Festival, Jumping Jelly Beans

Crushing Candy, Hot and Spicy,

Princess Swords, Around the World

and our all time best seller and demo favorite Amazing

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